5000milemark On a clear fall day in early September 2012, Mike Potter began his odyssey. He doesn’t do anything half-assed. It’s all or nothing with Mike. You will see what I mean if you take a look at his journey blog including hundreds of photos with videos along his route. The former newspaper owner and an ex-military media expert, Mike enjoys fitness and healthy eating. His line of Relaxed Chaos food and recipes is evolving.

IMG_9355From his home in Whitefish Montana, he pedaled east on a route that will take him around the perimetersleepinglocationoutsidesavannah of the US. The ascent across the Rocky Mountains through Glacier National Park and over Logan Pass was his first test of resolve and endurance. For someone with little camping experience, he has tested his recipes and become a pro – sleeping in a small tent in subzero weather to worrying about nocturnal creatures in the swamplands of Florida…and Mike doesn’t like snakes!

On his Surly Pugsley all terrain bike with over a hundred pounds of gear, this fat-tire bike has carried him across varied terrain andsnow biking through brutal weather. My friend Sue had the same bike in Antarctica; yesterday in front of Coffee DSCF7095Traders in Whitefish there was a Surly pulling a baby trailer; and Mike is putting his through brutal testing. He has experienced many worn out and flattened tires along the way. Friends and business everywhere have helped with repairs and lodging. Support from biking related businesses have eased his expenses and he is always in touch with Base Command at Wheaton’s Bike Shop in Kalispell Montana.

lead22 SNOW RELAXED CHAOS VIDEO BLOG  ***  CHECK IT OUT! www.relaxedchaos.com

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About bettykuffel

Author and retired medical doctor with broad interests in writing, flying, photography and outdoor life. She has Indie published 7 books, fiction & non-fiction, all available on Amazon. Writing projects include: multiple books of fiction: a medical thriller series, a psychological thriller set in 1960 co-authored with her sister Bev, and others in process. Dr. Kuffel lives in MT with husband Tom, two dogs and neighborhood deer.
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1 Response to 5,000 MILES ON A FAT TIRE BIKE! – SO FAR

  1. Karen Frazer says:

    Thanks for sharing, Betty. All very interesting. And I say a mighty great achievement. Karen

    Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 14:03:19 +0000 To: karenjf@live.com

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