Sexual Harassment

Exposure of sexual harassment behaviors and violence against women is finally being discussed. I am delighted that Time Magazine chose Time Person of the Year as the Silence Breakers. The Voices that Launched a Movement.

After years of working in medicine I experienced many levels of harassment, as did most of the women I know, but this wasn’t only in the workplace. I was stalked by a bank teller, a car mechanic, and an apartment manager who entered my residence when I was asleep. I was passed over for advancement and paid less even though I had more education and experience than the chosen male. Women all have stories to tell, as well as some men.

In the past, many aggressive unwanted behaviors, touches, grabs, kisses and more, were tolerated and discounted. “Boys will be boys” or “he’s a jock” are no longer excuses for grown men who in positions of power coerce subordinates into unwanted undesirable destructive situations.

In this evolving atmosphere, bad behavior by men will be less likely hidden, but that is only part of the story. No one is talking about incest, one of the most destructive forms of sexual aggression against children, both males and females. The young victim is held captive by circumstances and cannot escape. The family often knows and does not report due to shame, financial dependency on the abuser, or status in the community.

When researching the true crime book (Eyes of a Pedophile) I wrote about a famous violent pedophile, and at book presentations, I frequently met people who divulged sexual abuse never before disclosed. The women I spoke with expressed a marked feeling of relief after talking about rapes that sometimes occurred decades earlier. The Twitter #MeToo has given victims the courage and confidence to talk about sexual violence they had hidden over a lifetime and begin recovery.

The Movement exposing harassers and rapists opens dialogue for men, women and children. Norms of behavior begin in childhood. What exactly is acceptable behavior? Children who learn violence in the home often mirror behaviors they see. Lack of respect, verbal harassment, physical violence and sexual violence are destructive at all ages. Those who have suffered abuse are often left with vulnerabilities and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that last a lifetime.

Eyes of a Pedophile Ebook is on a special discount for $3.99, available on Amazon. Extensively researched medical and psychological details explain what is known about child predators and shows how to recognize pedophile behavior and help protect children.

Betty Kuffel

About bettykuffel

Author and retired medical doctor with broad interests in writing, flying, photography and outdoor life. She has Indie published 7 books, fiction & non-fiction, all available on Amazon. Writing projects include: multiple books of fiction: a medical thriller series, a psychological thriller set in 1960 co-authored with her sister Bev, and others in process. Dr. Kuffel lives in MT with husband Tom, two dogs and neighborhood deer.
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