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Each year, May 25th is observed as Missing Children’s Day to serve as a reminder to make child safety a priority. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, reminds us to take time to educate our kids about safety and prevent abductions. Their Take 25® program is a national campaign to increase child safety awareness.  http://www.missingkids.com or  http://www.take25.org

An important fact many people do not realize is that most children are victimized by relatives and friends. Only 11% of child molesters are strangers. We worry about abductions and must teach our children safe behaviors, but the dangers are often close to home. The vast majority of child rapists are known to the family or child—and the violent acts occurred in the victim’s or the offender’s home.

Eyes of a Pedophile: Detecting Child Predators is a true crime book based on the behaviors of violent pedophile Nathanael Bar-Jonah. Even if you are not a typical true crime reader, this book may interest you if work with kids, have children or grandchildren. Pedophiles are serial offenders who will not stop until prosecuted and incarcerated. To stop them, we must be aware of abnormal behaviors and report any suspected abuse to both child protective agencies and law enforcement. Pedophiles are difficult to identify because they blend in so well and are pathological liars. They seek jobs with kids, in positions of power. They intimidate and threaten their young victims not to tell. You will find them in all professions, and aged from subteens to grandfathers.

Be wary of a man bearing gifts and offering private excursions with a child. A man who collects toys or has a child-theme room in his home should be supervised with kids present. Is there an adolescent boy in your neighborhood hanging around with children half his age? What about the sweet grandfather or uncle the kids avoid and try not to hug? Do you know an adult male who lives with his parents, focuses on kids, and has no friends his age? Any one of these as a single trait could be meaningless, but is reason for caution.

Overview of Eyes of a Pedophile

Peer inside the mind of violent child molester Nathanael Bar-Jonah.

Personal coded writings, life-long behaviors and victim testimony reveal how he operated and the difficulties law enforcement experienced stopping him. Eyes of a Pedophile follows Bar-Jonah’s evolution from religious beginnings to hunting children.

 Extensively researched medical and psychological details explain what is known about child predators and show you how to recognize pedophile behavior and protect children.

Eyes of a Pedophile: Detecting Child Predators is available for purchase at a special reduced rate of $2.99 at Amazon and in numerous e-book formats through Smashwords, and at a reduced print special of $9.99 at Amazon/CreateSpace:

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