Lenient Sentence for Serial Rapist in Montana

On August 26th Judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced the former high school teacher Stacey Rambold to spend 30 days in jail – 30 days for serial rape of a 14 yo student who later killed herself.

What was the Billings, Montana, district court judge thinking?!

First, he blamed the serial rape of a 14 year old girl on the victim, not on the male superior high school teacher 35 years older than she.

Then, after the rapist was evicted from a mandated sex-offender treatment program as part of a prosecution deferment agreement   –  the kindly judge decided the punishment did not fit the crime. In a quote in USA Today Judge Baugh said  “…but it wasn’t this forcible beat-up rape.” Doesn’t the judge know the legal definition of rape?

The judge reportedly told a CNN reporter that Rambold “is a low risk offender” and treatable.  Well, he failed to complete the program. He, therefore, was not treated. I would like to know what the psychological evaluation of Rambold entailed and into what offender classification Rambold falls.

Montana’s three tier system includes: Tier 1.Low risk for repeat, Tier 2. Moderate risk for repeat offenses, Tier 3. Risk of a repeat sexual offense and is labeled a Sexually Violent Predator.

Preying on a very young teen, a girl too young to consent to intercourse is pedophile behavior. Pedophiles are incurable, shameless psychopathic individuals who do not benefit from sex-offender treatment programs. –Especially if they don’t attend them.

Results from the California Sex Offender Treatment and Evaluation Project found no significant difference among three groups of sexual or violent re-offenders over an 8 year period. The same result was found for both rapist s and child molesters whether they received intensive treatment or no treatment.

Once classified as a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) forensic psychologists and psychiatrists agree the perpetrator should be imprisoned for life because relapse prevention treatment does not work. Is Rambold a sexually violent predator? He repeatedly preyed on a young girl, too young to give consent to intercourse. I wonder if Judge Baugh would like Stacey Rambold living next door to his grand daughter.

Judge Baugh should resign from his position as district court judge. Beware, the Judge is running unopposed for another 6 year term. Do you want him in this position?

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