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Eyes of a Pedophile: Detecting Child Predators is now available in paperback, POD at Amazon.

If any of you are concerned about the safety of your children, this book will help you learn to identify pedophile characteristics  and take action to keep the kids safer. Appendices from the book are available for download from this site. The three appendices list: Resources for more information; common pedophile traits to watch for; and ideas on how to keep kids safer.

Pedophilia is an incurable mental illness. Since publishing this book numerous people have come to me and revealed their years of anguish after being molested as children and being unable to report it at the time. Failure in reporting is often because the perpetrator is a community figure and parents didn’t believe the child when and if they did report it. The anguish of the abused continues over a lifetime, especially when they see the pedophile free and able to harm other children. Finally disclosing abuse can be therapeutic and help with recovering self esteem and personal strength. It is important  to understand that there is no shame in being a victim, but for adults to let silence allow suspected pedophiles continue abusing children is inexcusable. They must be brought to justice.

At you will find information on child sexual offenses and on the Statutes of Limitations (SOL) of all States. Charges cannot be brought if the SOL is not met. Angel Roar’s aim is to teach kids about the child abuse epidemic and the importance of disclosure. There is also detailed information for parents on numerous topics at this site.


For authors: One item I failed to mention in my last posting about POD is that CreateSpace immediately issues an ISBN number so you don’t have to obtain one prior to initiating the manuscript conversion process.

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