Eyes of a Pedophile Audio Clip Overviews

Audio Clip One: Name change to Nathanael Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah and why he “became Jewish.” Descriptions of Massachusetts Bridgewater Treatment Center for the Sexually Dangerous, patients, and how he “trained fifteen psychiatrists.” Talks about his business of selling cards and gifts. Discusses being in charge of the Canteen and being the “inmate boss.”

Audio Clip Two: Leaving Bridgewater Treatment Center: Talks about his evaluations by private psychologists and how he was able to get out even after the forensic prison psychiatrists deemed him sexually dangerous and said he should not be released. Post Office Incident: 43 days after release he got into a car with a little boy.  “It was a misunderstanding.” Goes to Montana: Arrives without legal approval. Is not listed as a Sexual Offender in Montana and the neighborhood is not alerted to his violent predatory past. Starts Toy Sales: Talks about toy sales and “all my girl friends.”

Audio Clip Three: Bar-Jonah discusses his expertise selling collectibles and setting up table displays, doing toy shows and analyzing buyers. Wyoming discussion: Receipts showed he’d traveled in Wyoming and was planning to move there. He flatly denies traveling outside Montana and tells how he tried to cross into Canada.

Audio Clip Four: Walpole Prison-There is no record of a prisoner death at the hands of Bar-Jonah.  Abduction of Richard O’Conner: Bar-Jonah said Richard reminded him of a bad mechanic who sabotaged his car. He said he planned nothing, yet he wore a police outfit and brought a shovel. Bar-Jonah’s “rape:” Ages of kids discussed, some only 3 years old. Details described. Nothing verified. Psychiatrists and psychologists believe this story was fabricated to justify his evolution to violence. His friend Kevin reported no burns after reportedly being doused with gasoline and set afire.

Audio Clip Five: Bar-Jonah talks about not being two different people and how he changed his behavior to control his violent behavior. Details a “prison rape” by guards at the Bridgewater Treatment Center who “killed” an inmate. (The guards killed no one. They followed standard procedure and the filming was done to protect them from charges.) Bar-Jonah called the strip-search a rape and the filming his “first porno flick.”

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